Glossary of Terms

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CLASSICAL PHYSICS  is the core concepts of Physics thought to require only the basic, explainable fundamentals supported by experiment. Johannes Kepler, Galileo Galilei, Isaac Newton, Christian Huygens, etc., are thought to be founders of this core, based upon logical interpretations of experiments. Note: the Extinction Shift Principle is based on pure classical concepts and are all explainable while Relativity is considered as Non-classical.

EXTINCTION  The Annihilation, wiping out, extinguishing or the Extinction Shifting of the original true entity due to measurement.

UNDISTURBED The not-yet-interfered-with, the in-tact or not-disturbed as in an undisturbed, or a not-measurable wave.

PRIMARY, SECONDARY, TERTIARY, ... ,   A clear distinction made between waves or photons emitted from the source, whether directly or indirectly. For instance, a primary light arrives at a mirror and is extinguished by the mirror and a secondary light reflects there from. Similarly, the secondary light gives rise to a tertiary light, at the occurrence of an additional reflection, and so on.

EUCLIDEAN SPACE GEOMETRY   The most intuitive of geometries. There are just the 3 dimensions, x, y and z or forward-backward, left-right, up-down, that defines the points, lines and surfaces in Euclidean space.

GALILEAN TRANSFORMATIONS  Here the logical addition of velocities is meant. For instance, a person is walking on a train with a walking speed of v and the train speed is c the total speed of the person relative to the ground is just c = c + v if the person is walking in the direction of motion of the train. c = c - v if the person is walking in the opposite direction of motion of the train. For instance: A Galilean transformations is performed to determine his total velocity of motion relative to the ground.

LORENTZ TRANSFORMATIONS Here, the co-ordinates and the velocities are not logically additive. A non-classical addition. Time becomes a forth dimension and is subject to a transformation for sheer non-intuitive reasons. The time is subject to a time dilation required by Relativity. The velocity of light is assumed to be constant in all frames of reference. (Not used and is not necessary in the Extinction Shift Principle !!!)

WARP SPACE  Here, a non-classical geometry is meant. The deformation of space and time due to the presence of supper massive planets or stars is assumed by Relativity. There is no observational evidence or intuitive explanation for a warp space! (Not used or necessary in the Extinction Shift Principle !!!)

ETHER is an intrinsic, luminiferous or a hypothesized medium. This medium is required neither by Relativity nor by the Extinction Shift Principle!!! .  The ETHER is a hypothesized medium with respect to which all emissions are propagated and which has served as the simplest explanation for the so-called apparent constancy of the velocity of light since the beginning of the ETHER theories.

RECTILINEAR MOTION A phenomenon of all undisturbed, not-yet-interfered-with emissions.  The constituent parts of all emitted wave fronts, for instance, will move rectilinearly, in a straight line in Euclidean Space, in an ideal vacuum that is void of any secondary sources of emission.

TRANSVERSE RELATIVE TIME SHIFT  A direct consequence of the rectilinear motion of the waves that carry the signals and the information from the transmitter to the receiver.  A proof thereof is the derivation of the transverse relative time shift equation using the intuitive assumptions of the Extinction Shift Principle alone,  which is the mathematical equivalence of the time dilation equation based on relativistic assumptions.