Ages +6 to +12

Let the children learn

This is a brief outline of a FAST and FUN learning session, designed for Children, of  6 years to 12+ years of age (children of All ages). This learning session should also include the adults, parents, teachers and all who need the refresher course of the basic knowledge that all children of faith absolutely must have.

Introduction to the Outline 

Basic questions are presented often with a statement that precedes the questions. The statement will have sufficient information that would enable easy answers to the question asked. The questions are numbered and marked with the letter {Q}. In all cases, the level of the questions or the degree of challenge are indicated by denoting an age, for instance, {Age +6} means that children of age 6 and above should know the subject matter of the question asked. The indicated level of {Age +8} means children of age 8 and above,  {Age +12} means that children of age 12 and above, etc., unless otherwise indicated.


Basic questions marked {Q} will usually begin with basic concepts and some common knowledge that the children of the indicated age should posses. Even thought the suggested ages are indicated, an advice to the parents should be that the ages should not be written in stone. The parents should never hold back or prevent a child, who is gifted and younger that the indicated age, from proceeding onward! Children should also be allowed self-expression without fear of consequences, especially in the sciences.

The topic of the questions begin with the Stars, the Moon, the Sun and the heavenly bodies, etc., and the basic reasons for the seasons, knowledge of the time of the day, the earth and the science of the earth, of the sun, of the moon and the simplified basics of the solar system. These are basic fundamentals commonly known to many children of other cultures and nationalities our children find themselves competing with. These fundamentals are presented here and are stressed upon. Basic ideas of the weather systems are presented, citing the appropriate Biblical references wherever possible, as the children may often hear various passages from the Bible taught and preached in church that may reinforce the learning processes in the school systems outside of the church.

Answers { A } to the questions will be supplied along with some parental and tutorial aids. The tutors can be the older and more advanced children who should always be encouraged to help teach their younger brothers and sisters and the lesser advanced children. This is also a learning process in itself for all the children.

Ages +6 

The basic questions {Q
  • The questions numbered 1, 2, 3 and 4 { Age 6+ } involve the basics of the Stars, Moon, Sun, Planets and other bodies of the Heavens. Earth, the reasons for the seasons, the days and nights are covered here.
  • The questions numbered 5 through 17 { Age 8+ } involve the basics on the mechanisms human kind devised over the ages for the keeping of the time. We know that the clocks are not perfect. Dr. Albert Einstein once said: "Zeit ist das, was die Uhr anzeigt.", "Time is that, which is indicated by the clock." Since the clocks are not perfect, understandably, some may run slowly, some may run fast and some may run sporadically. The spinning Earth and the orbiting Moon systems, which are collectively orbiting the Sun, may be considered to be such clocks. Even they are not constant! Only recently, in the pass decades, have devices been developed that enabled fluctuations in the Natural Clocks of the solar system to be detected! Obviously, "time" or the "idea of time" is not important to the universe. We know it is not important to God. Hebrews 13:8 Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and today, and forever. Intuitive reasoning is encouraged here. Imagine the Earth as a {mother spaceship}, a type of Heavenly Body moving at a tremendous speed through space, carrying us along with it. We make a mental picture of the tilted Earth, the north and south poles of the Earth, the Solar System of the sun and the Earth along with the other planets of the solar system. The children can visually explain the lengths of the day for the various reasons of the seasons. The children will now intuitively become more familiar with the calendar as a means to monitor the days, the weeks and the years and the relative positions of the moon, the sun and other Heavenly Bodies relative to the Earth. 

Ages +8 

The basic questions {Q}

The questions 5 through 17 { Age 8+ }(continued) 

Children of the modern world, especially children of faith must know the names of the forces. We know that the force "Gravity" is that force that holds us all down to the ground of the Earth. Even the youngest quickly learn how to negotiate with this force and it is very interesting to know that it is this very force of a physical science phenomenon that even the most modern scientists of today haven't the foggiest notion how to explain! We of the modern space age know now virtually as much as what the famed scientist Galileo Galilei {1564-1642 AD} knew when he first dropped the stones off of the top of the Leaning Tower of Piza, in his own attempt to scientifically demonstrate this mysterious phenomenon.

Ages +10 

The basic questions {Q}
  • The questions 18 through 25 { Age 10+ } are more advanced involving the Earth, Sun and Moon systems and the essential knowledge of the Tides of the waters, also known in biblical times.  

Psalm 104:19 

He appointed the moon for seasons: the sun knoweth his going down.

  • Historical events seem to synchronize with the tiding events, also evident in the Bible. The motion of the stars in the Heavens, as seen from Earth, will be better understood by the children simply from their intuitive reasoning.  The Earth' geographical regions are focused upon here. The toy magnets children play with may be compared to the Earth's intrinsic magnetic field. In the exercises, the student intuitively recognizes and explains mentally the working of the compass. Children of faith can now comprehend the basics of the world around us, a world set in motion at the time of creation, without a lot of complex lectures in Mathematics, Geometry and Astrophysics. The Earth's dimensions and the speed of the ground that carries us along, as in a spaceship moving through the heavens, can be easily grasped by the children eager to learn. A better knowledge of the geometry of the solar system will permit the children to better understand the "eclipse of the sun" and the "eclipse of the moon" and the difference between the two kinds of phenomena noted on Earth for ages back. Events that coincide with astronomical occurrences, such as the solar eclipses, are better grasped and appreciated by knowledgeable people of faith.

Ages +12

The basic questions {Q}
  • The questions 26 through 30 and future questions to be added { Age 12+ } involve all of the above topics and cover more advanced, essential knowledge the children absolutely MUST have to comprehend their surroundings and would be essential for their security and safety in the modern, complex world of today. The understanding of the weather systems is a key focus here. Biblical references are applied wherever appropriate. The children will quickly learn the significance of the ancient records and the Bible content of the sciences which explains phenomena of the Earth's climate, much of which was only recently discovered in modern times.  The movement of the winds, the directions and speeds of climate systems are grasped using intuitive measures by the children, citing biblical passages where applicable.
  • The most essential, common-sense knowledge is focused upon here for { All Ages }. The student is NOT expected to understand all of the science! The children of faith will learn to recognize non-sense, unfounded speculations and sloppy science, especially the arrogant and aggressive attacks of non-believers aimed at the weakening of the faith of Believers.
  • An update to the syllabus will take place periodically. 





Parents, do what it takes. Sit down with the kids. Take the test.

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